Get a DISCOUNT on AUTO INSURANCE for Having a Shield Protecting your CATs


At ADD A CAT, we provide our own Unique, American and Custom Made,
Security Bolt Fasteners.

frequently asked questions:

1.) Do the 2007-2021 Tundra Shields protect all 4 CATS?

The shield was designed to cover the front 2 CATs and to cover the pipes all the way to the back CATs to prevent the cutting of the back CATs. The back CATs are visible, but they are still protected by the shield.

2.) Are the shields in the way of getting an oil change?

No. The Shields will not interfere or need removal for an oil change.

3.) Will the shield ever have to be removed for any service?

  • The shield only covers the area of the transmission.
  • Holes are designed in the shield for the technician to do service and drain for the transmission.
  • The shield would only need to be removed if the pan or the transmission needed to have removal.
  • No general removal of the shield for routine maintenance.

4.) Does the hardware come with security bolts?

Yes. All our shields come with security bolts with the bit driver included.

Insurance Discounts

Did you realize that once you purchase a shield and get it installed you can take your receipt of your purchase to your insurance company and receive a discount on your auto insurance? Make sure to tell the insurance company you now have a shield protecting your catalytic converters and they will give you that discount.

ADD Automotive offers catalytic converter shields compatible with Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma, 4Runner, Fj Cruiser, Prius and Lexus GX 460.

Why Buy a Anti Theft Shield/Catalytic Converter Shield?

This is to protect the theft of the Catalytic Converters that can lead to expensive repairs and being without a vehicle for days or even months. To top that, the catalytic converters that get replaced most likely will be after market converters, so the insurance does not have to pay for full price catalytic converters.

Our specialized catalytic converter shields protect this component from all threats. It benefits by:

  • Preventing the potential loss of money
  • Protecting your car
  • Avoiding any rattling sound
  • Rock, Dirt & Debris Shield Cover of Transmission Components.

Get Ready for the Road

Take the necessary step to protect your vehicle’s catalytic converter with our cutting-edge product technology. We use high-grade aluminum to dissipate heat and resist corrosion. Other notable features of our catalytic converter shield are:

  • Net weight: 11 pounds
  • Optimum ventilation through stamped and strategically-located luvers
  • 5052-grade aluminum (non-coated)
  • Added center mounting adjustment for better protection
  • Relief cut in the rear panel to wash out debris
  • Toyota TRD Pro compatible
  • No vehicle parts modification required for installation

Replacing your catalytic converter isn’t always the best solution. You can protect the system from prying hands or excessive wear by installing our catalytic converter shields.

Installing the catalytic converter shield is quick and straightforward. Place the adhesive rubber bumpers in suitable locations and tighten the security bolts. Ensure that the shield doesn’t collide with the frame. Your car is ready for any off-road or on-road adventure!

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