This is for ONE (1) Windshield Replacement Sticker for the  TOUCH KEYPAD ENTRY SYSTEM.

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Windshield Replacement Sticker for the Touch Keypad Entry System

Instructions for Window Replacement if Vehicle is Equipped with Touch Keypad Entry System:

1. Remove A-Pillar garnish and disconnect wiring from the module.

2. Use nylon window removal tool to pry off the touch keypad and old window sticker.

3. Peel off any excess number sticker from electronic part.

4. Use acetone to clean off ALL the adhesive from the electronic module.

( Note: When applying the acetone the glue could possibly look like you are damaging the module, you are not. Keep applying more that is just the adhesive breaking down not the module component. Keep applying and the module will come out shiny and new. The acetone will not harm the module or wires).

5. Have windshield replaced.

6. Use an extra sticker provided in the kit and reinstall per instructions.

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